Pioneers who set the stage for greatness.

February 20, 2024
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  • Financial Planning honors Black History Month legends in finance and investment including LeCount Davis, Stanley O’Neal, Maggie Lena Walker, June Middleton, and Gerald B. Smith.
  • Cedric Nash, founder of the Black Wealth Summit, emphasizes the importance of recognizing the impact of these figures and the need to make them household names.

Financial Planning’s feature highlights the pioneering achievements of these five legendary figures in wealth management, investment management, and personal finance. LeCount Davis, the first Black CFP, paved the way for future professionals in the industry. Stanley O’Neal broke barriers by becoming the first Black CEO of a leading Wall Street brokerage. Maggie Lena Walker, the first African American woman to charter a bank, left a lasting legacy. June Middleton’s trailblazing role as a stockbroker set a precedent for diversity and inclusion in finance. Gerald B. Smith, a Houston fixed-income legend, drove change on Wall Street and launched a multibillion-dollar investment management firm.

Cedric Nash is spearheading efforts through the Black Wealth Summit to educate communities about the accomplishments and sacrifices of Black professionals in finance. By highlighting these legends and promoting financial literacy among young people, the industry has the opportunity to narrow racial disparities and create mentorship opportunities for aspiring professionals and investors.

Overall, the industry has the potential to build a foundation for future generations by recognizing the achievements of these Black History Month legends and investing in the financial education and mentorship of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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