Capital One close to acquiring Discover Financial in new deal.

February 20, 2024
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Capital One agrees to buy Discover Financial for $35bn


  • Capital One to acquire Discover Financial for $35 billion
  • Deal expected to boost Capital One’s presence in the financial services sector

Capital One has reached an agreement to purchase Discover Financial in a deal worth $35 billion. This acquisition is poised to significantly enhance Capital One’s footprint in the financial services industry. Discover Financial, known for its credit card business, will now become part of Capital One’s portfolio.

The move is seen as a strategic one for Capital One, as it aims to expand its offerings and reach a broader customer base. The acquisition is expected to bring synergies and efficiencies to both companies, creating a stronger entity in the financial services sector.

With this acquisition, Capital One is poised to strengthen its position in the competitive landscape of financial services, putting it in a better position to compete with other major players in the industry. The $35 billion deal is expected to bring significant value to both companies and their shareholders.

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