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January 4, 2024
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Multiple people have been shot at a high school in Iowa. Police are currently investigating the incident.

In Mexico, 31 kidnapped migrants were rescued by authorities in a daring operation.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Donald Trump have been named in court documents related to Jeffrey Epstein, although no wrongdoing has been alleged.

Singer Britney Spears has announced that she will never return to the music industry.

In NFL news, a teenager from Oklahoma is reportedly the first player to “beat” the video game Tetris.

In tech news, there are updates on an upcoming snowstorm in the Eastern US.

House Democrats allege that former President Donald Trump profited from foreign governments while in office.

In Israel, thousands of people are mourning the leader of Hamas amid fears of further conflict in the region.

Verizon is facing a $100 million class action settlement, with eligible parties being able to file a claim.

A world cruise experienced heavy rain and wind, causing flooding on the ship.

Older adults may be eligible for an additional tax deduction that can save them money.

A father and son have been arrested in connection with the murder of a pregnant teenager and her boyfriend.

The Supreme Court is now tasked with determining if voters can choose the president in the aftermath of the 2024 election.

President Joe Biden is facing challenges related to border issues at the start of his tenure.

A video has emerged showing a defendant attacking a judge during a sentencing in Las Vegas.

Overall, this article covers a range of topics including a school shooting, a daring rescue, court documents related to Jeffrey Epstein, Britney Spears’ career plans, sports news, tech updates, political allegations, international conflicts, legal settlements, weather updates, tax deductions, a murder case, election concerns, and a courtroom attack.

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