Surge Mastercard: Boost credit, but beware fees and no rewards!

January 3, 2024
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In this article, the author reviews the key features of the Surge Mastercard. They highlight that the card does not require a security deposit and offers an easy path to increasing the credit limit. However, there are several drawbacks to consider, including the high annual percentage rate, lack of a welcome bonus or rewards program, and a long list of fees.

Some of the important points from the article include:

  • The Surge Mastercard is a good option for people with bad credit looking to rebuild their credit history.
  • The card has a relatively high credit limit, with the possibility of increasing it over time.
  • Users can receive a free monthly credit report by signing up for e-statements.
  • The Surge Mastercard does not currently offer a welcome bonus or rewards program.
  • There are several fees associated with the card, including an annual membership fee, late payment fee, and foreign transaction fee.
  • Alternatives to the Surge Mastercard include the Discover it® Secured Credit Card and the Petal® 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa® Credit Card, which offer lower fees and rewards programs.
  • Overall, the Surge Mastercard is suitable for those with poor credit who do not qualify for better cards, but there are better options available for those who qualify.

This review provides a comprehensive overview of the Surge Mastercard, highlighting its benefits and drawbacks. It helps individuals make an informed decision about whether the card is right for them based on their credit situation and financial needs.

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