Oregon campaign finance limits compromise reached by labor, business leaders.

February 23, 2024
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– Labor unions and business groups reached a compromise on proposed campaign finance limits in Oregon
– The compromise may result in the state enacting campaign contribution limits for the first time before the legislative session ends in March

In a significant development, a compromise has been reached between labor unions and business groups in Oregon regarding proposed campaign finance limits. This compromise increases the likelihood that lawmakers will pass campaign contribution limits for the first time in the state’s history before the end of the current legislative session in March.

Despite this compromise, some good government groups have expressed concerns that the restrictions outlined in the compromise are not stringent enough. Additionally, supporters of a proposed ballot measure advocating for much stricter limits on campaign contributions have not abandoned their efforts to place it on the November ballot.

Overall, the collaborative effort between labor unions and business groups marks a pivotal moment in Oregon’s campaign finance landscape, with the potential for significant changes in the near future.

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