NYPD cop busted, sharing suspect’s credit card with buddies.

January 3, 2024
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Key Points:

  • An NYPD cop has been arrested for sharing a suspect’s credit card number with his friends.
  • Officer Andy Urrutia allegedly sent his friends a text message with the credit card number, expiration date, and security code, along with photos of the card.

An NYPD officer has been arrested for sharing a suspect’s credit card number with his friends, who attempted to use the information to make purchases at Starbucks. Officer Andy Urrutia allegedly sent a text message to his friends boasting “lunch on me guys!” after sharing the credit card details. The suspect’s credit card had been seized while she was being held in a police station in the Bronx. Urrutia’s friends attempted to use the card at Starbucks but it was declined, prompting them to give up. The suspect reported the fraud to authorities.

The NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau quickly traced the crime back to Urrutia, who was taken into custody after finishing his shift. He has been charged with grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, petty larceny, official misconduct, attempted identity theft, and unlawful possession of personal identification. Urrutia has been suspended from the force and will appear in court on February 6.

Investigators are also looking into whether Urrutia shared any other suspect’s credit card numbers with his friends. The woman who owned the card in question had been arrested three days before Urrutia sent the digits to his friends. Urrutia has been with the NYPD for a year and it is unclear whether he was involved in the arrest of the woman.

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