Misvalued share price? UK fintech exposes Georgia accountant’s error

January 27, 2024
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U.K.-based fintech company Genesis Global Technology has filed a complaint in a Georgia federal court alleging that a stateside accounting firm misvalued the company’s common share price. The misvaluation has reportedly exposed the company to potential liabilities and penalties. Genesis Global Technology claims that it has incurred significant costs and spent valuable time to correct the issue.

According to the complaint, the accounting firm, Frazier & Deeter, erroneously calculated the share price, leading to an incorrect valuation of the company. Genesis Global Technology argues that this misvaluation has had significant repercussions, forcing the company to address the issue and potentially putting it at a disadvantage in negotiations with investors or potential acquirers.

The fintech company claims that it discovered the misvaluation during due diligence conducted by another accounting firm. Genesis Global Technology alleges that Frazier & Deeter’s miscalculation distorted the company’s financial position and made it difficult to accurately assess the company’s value.

The lawsuit seeks damages resulting from the alleged misvaluation, as well as reimbursement for the costs incurred in rectifying the issue. Additionally, Genesis Global Technology is seeking reimbursement for any potential liabilities or penalties that may arise due to the misvaluation.

This lawsuit highlights the potential risks and consequences of misvaluing share prices for companies. Accurate valuation is crucial for determining a company’s worth and attracting investors. Any errors in valuation can undermine a company’s credibility and hinder its ability to secure financing or negotiate transactions with potential partners.

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