Maximize College Success: Optimal Hours for Student Work-Life Balance!

January 6, 2024
1 min read

Working a job while in college can provide you with valuable work experience and help you cover expenses during your time as a student. However, it’s important to consider your course load and other commitments before taking on a job. About 40% of full-time undergraduate students work while attending classes, but the number of hours a college student can work depends on their course load, enrollment level, and the type of employment they pursue.

Key points:

  • 40% of full-time undergraduate students work while attending classes
  • Work hours outside of school depend on course load and enrollment level
  • Consult with employer to determine realistic work hours
  • Consider the type of employment and its compatibility with class schedule
  • Expenses can help determine appropriate number of work hours
  • Working a job can provide hands-on experience and income
  • However, it may result in less time for studying and limited class options
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