Is the Amazon Credit Card truly worth your while?

January 8, 2024
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Key Points:

  • The Rewards Mastercard is the only Amazon-branded credit card available in Canada.
  • The card offers cash back on purchases made on, at Whole Foods, and in other spending categories.
  • Prime members can earn higher cash back percentages on certain purchases.

Amazon is a popular online shopping platform in Canada, known for its low prices and fast delivery. Many Canadian shoppers may be considering whether it is worth getting an Amazon-branded credit card to take advantage of the potential rewards. The only Amazon credit card available in Canada is the Rewards Mastercard. This article breaks down the card details and discusses its pros and cons.

The Rewards Mastercard offers cash back on purchases made on, at Whole Foods Market stores in Canada, and in other spending categories such as grocery stores and restaurants. Prime members can earn 2.5% cash back on purchases made at and Whole Foods, while non-Prime members earn 1.5% cash back in these categories. The card also offers 1% cash back on all other purchases.

One of the key benefits of the Rewards Mastercard is the ability to earn cash back on purchases. For heavy shoppers and Prime members, this card can provide significant value. The 2.5% cash back on purchases is higher than what most other cards offer for this category. Additionally, the card offers 2.5% cash back on foreign currency transactions, which can be useful for frequent online shoppers who make purchases from international retailers.

However, for non-Prime members, the Rewards Mastercard may not be the best option. There are other cash back cards available that offer more benefits and do not have an annual fee. Prime members may also find that the 2.5% cash back on Whole Foods purchases is not as competitive as the cash back offered by other grocery credit cards.

In conclusion, the Rewards Mastercard can be a valuable credit card for heavy shoppers and Prime members. The card offers attractive cash back percentages on and Whole Foods purchases, as well as additional rewards in other spending categories. However, for non-Prime members, there may be better cash back options available without an annual fee.

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