Giant Eagle spots credit card skimmers at 5 shops, 3 in Cuyahoga.

January 4, 2024
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Giant Eagle, a supermarket chain in Ohio, has found credit card skimmers at five of its stores, including three in Cuyahoga County. These skimmers are devices used by scammers to collect credit card information from unsuspecting customers. The skimmers discovered at Giant Eagle were found on cash register pin pads. The company believes that the devices may have stolen information from a small number of customers who swiped their cards on these pin pads.

Alex Hamerstone, a security expert, explains that credit card skimming is not a new crime and scammers have been using various methods for decades. However, skimming devices have evolved over the years, making it more difficult for customers to detect them. The newer devices can be installed inside the card slot, making them nearly impossible to see.

Giant Eagle has sent all the skimmers for forensic analysis and has retrained its employees to better spot these devices. They have also notified potentially affected banks and credit card providers. Giant Eagle advises its customers to monitor their card activity and sign up for banking and credit card alerts for added security.

Overall, the key points to take away from this article are:

  • Giant Eagle has discovered credit card skimmers at five of its stores;
  • The skimmers were found on cash register pin pads and may have stolen information from a small number of customers;
  • Newer skimming devices are almost impossible to detect;
  • Giant Eagle has taken measures to address the issue and is working with authorities to investigate the skimmers.

It is important for customers to remain vigilant and monitor their card activity to protect themselves from credit card skimming scams.

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