G20 finance chiefs struggle to agree on joint statement.

March 1, 2024
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  • G20 finance chiefs failed to issue a joint statement due to disagreements over Russia’s war in Ukraine and the Hamas-Israel conflict.
  • The global economy is viewed as heading for a “soft landing” despite risks such as wars, conflicts, economic divisions, and trade protectionism.

Finance chiefs from the G20 countries were unable to issue a joint statement during their recent meeting due to disagreements surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the Hamas-Israel conflict. The division within the group between Russia and China versus Western nations led to this outcome, with Brazil only issuing a chair’s summary to wrap up the talks. The conference concluded with a note that geopolitical issues were not suitable for discussion at the finance forum.

While there were strong condemnations of Russia’s invasion and the Hamas attack on Israel, the finance ministers largely agreed that the global economy was likely headed for a “soft landing”, indicating a probable avoidance of recession. Despite concerns over slowing growth, the G20 maintained commitments related to foreign exchange rates to ensure economic stability.

Brazil’s Finance Minister emphasized the importance of fighting inequality and creating a sustainable world during the meeting, calling for more equitable taxation targeting the super-rich. The group recognized the impact of volatile foreign exchange rate movements on the global economy and reiterated the need for rates to reflect economic fundamentals.

Overall, the G20 finance chiefs’ meeting highlighted the challenges posed by ongoing conflicts and geopolitical tensions on the global economy, while also emphasizing the importance of addressing inequality and maintaining economic stability.

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