Finance: Power plays ahead – Women’s and youth sports drive 2024’s investments

January 22, 2024
1 min read

In 2023 there was a financial surge in women’s sports investing. Over the past year, high-profile investors have paid record prices to acquire women’s sports teams and leagues. In 2024, industry sources have predicted that the trend will continue. Several venture capital and private equity firms have taken a particular interest in women’s sports, recognizing that it has been undervalued in the past. The National Women’s Soccer League experienced significant growth, with RAJ Sports acquiring the Portland Thorns for a league-record $63 million. Other sports leagues, like Hockey, have also expanded. Additionally, women’s collegiate sports are growing in popularity, creating more opportunities for investment. In particular, youth sports are another sector that is likely to experience financial growth in 2024. Venture capitalists and private equity firms have recognized that the youth sports market is massive but highly fragmented, with an estimated value of over $30 billion. As a result, these firms have taken an interest in investing in youth sports. For example, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment recently became majority owners of the ForeverLawn Sports Complex. Furthermore, youth sports leagues have become increasingly popular, which provides attractive investment opportunities for investors. The involvement of professional leagues in grassroots programs has created opportunities for supporters to invest

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