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January 2, 2024
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In this article, the author provides a variety of financial advice and resources for individuals looking to improve their personal finance in 2024. Some of the key points discussed include:

– The importance of setting achievable financial goals, focusing on peace of mind, and adjusting goals based on current financial circumstances.
– Recommendations for finding the best credit cards and avoiding credit card debt.
– Tips for saving money at home, including suggestions related to vehicles.
– Money management lessons from the Lord of the Rings.
– Predictions for the mortgage market and advice for buying a new vehicle.
– Economic trends in Canada and globally, including the concept of “shrinksumption.”
– Advice on investing, including dividend stocks, cryptocurrencies, and top picks from Canadian fund managers.
– Information on the Canadian stock market and bond market attractiveness.
– An overview of the debt situation in Canada.
– A comparison of tax implications for high dividend stocks versus guaranteed investment certificates (GICs).
– Additional tools, explainers, guides, and charts for financial well-being.
– Recommendations for music to enjoy in 2024.

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